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Thunder Ridge Fixed Blade Tanto Knife Review
Ever heard of Thunder Ridge Knife?  Chances are you probably haven’t. Especially if you’re not native to Maryland.  I actually consider the guys at Thunder Ridge to be one of my best-kept secrets, although I tell a lot of people about them.  Billy Meekings, the face of Thunder Ridge Knife (TRK henceforth) has been making knives for around 56 years and primarily sells his wares at various regional shows and on the Arizona Custom Knife website. [gallery link="file" ids="1812,1818,1815,1816,1817,942"] This featured knife is a custom Damascus tanto point fixed blade.  It is a full tang construction featuring...
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Emerson Sheepdog Knife Review

Did Ernest Emerson Just Set A New Standard For Tactical Knives?

What do you get when you combine a request from iconic figure Lt. Colonel David Grossman (the author of On Combat and On Killing) and the knowledge and capabilities of legendary knife maker Ernest Emerson? Evidently, it is the Sheepdog aka Rangemaster Sheepdog. [gallery ids="1728,1727,1729,1730,1731,942"] The first thing I noted once unboxed is that the G-10 is incredibly grippy, the first indication that this knife is built for serious business. The second indication is the blade deployment… and holy cow! This thing deploys fast and...
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Boker Sulaco Ram Maramba Knife Review
The Boker Plus Sulaco is a collaboration between Boker and custom knife maker Ram Maramba of Zero Knives.  It is an interesting knife because it is the totality of subtleties that makes it noteworthy. The Sulaco might even be a knife that you would be inclined to overlook amongst the vast array of more flashy offerings in the marketplace.  For instance, the ergonomics of the knife are actually quite good, which might be taken for granted if you have not held one.  The handle shape is slender but feels solid in the hand,...
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CRKT Carson M16 Southpaw Serrated Knife Review
When I heard of the passing of Kit Carson earlier this year, like many, I felt as if one of the greats had passed.  Ironically, around that time I had been in the market for a Carson.  I hadn’t decided whether it would be a custom or a production version. Previously, I had my hands on a bunch of Carson’s knives and I found all of them to be functional, and well-designed. This is the reason I’ve had a difficult time deciding.  While I’m still trying to figure out which one I want, I picked up this...
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CRKT Fossil Serrated Knife Review
The Fossil is yet another collaboration between a custom knife maker and a production knife company, this time between Flavio Ikoma and CRKT and I’m really digging what Ikoma brought to the table with this knife. I wonder how much of the design of this knife was pulled from his Brazilian roots. The reason being is the styling on this knife is truly refreshing and different from anything I’ve seen in its class and price point. The CRKT Fossil with Veff Serrations looks like throwback to prehistoric times, perhaps a time were you might need...
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