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Prince of Peace Red Panax Ginseng Extractum Ultra Strength – Review
Today we will review the Prince of Peace Panax Ginseng Root Extract Ultra Strength (POPRPGEUS henceforth, just kidding). This is an alcohol extract in a little, .34fl oz bottle, reminiscent of the vials of ginseng sold in convenience stores. The ingredients per the label are Panax Ginseng root extract, purified water, honey, alcohol, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate as preservatives. In terms of price, this consumable comes in at an attractive .33 cents per bottle; in the world of ginseng this is a rarity. It is reddish brown in appearance and the aroma of the ginseng...
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Prince of Peace Korean Ginseng Tea Review
Farmed in Korea, Prince of Peace (POP henceforth) Korean Ginseng Tea is of the Asian Panax Ginseng variety. POP Korean Ginseng Tea comes in granular form and dissolves instantly in water. I was able to speak with the POP representatives at the Natural Products Expo and they stated that the Ginseng was harvested at the six-year mark. Although, I couldn’t find it written on the box (unless it is written in Chinese). The website did say that this product is packaged under KCG Brand for the Korean market and the KCG product page states that...
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HSU’s Root to Health® American Ginseng Tea Review
Farmed in Wisconsin, Hsu’s American Ginseng tea is of the Panax quinquefolius variety of Ginseng, which has slightly different properties than those of Asian Panax Ginseng varieties. There are many resources that tout the medicinal benefits of American Ginseng and it has become highly prized in Asia. Hsu’s Ginseng comes dried and ground into a powder and placed into tea bags. The tea is very aromatic, which can be a sign of the herb’s strength. The instructions state to steep the tea bag for...
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